INSIGHT: Death in Darkness

Search in the Darkness

Search in the Darkness 

“We have clear directions from Hashem,” Moshe instructed his people. “During these next 3 days of darkness, go into the Egyptian’s homes. Find out exactly where they keep all their valuables: their jewelry, money, and fancy clothes. But, DO NOT take anything.”

“Why?! What’s the point?!” they wondered. 

“When we leave Egypt,” answered Moshe, “we will ask the Egyptians for their valuables. Of course, many Egyptians will claim that they don’t own anything of value. And then, you will show them the exact location of their gold and silver. At that point, they won’t have a choice but to give you everything. Now, get the point, my dear brethren?”

All Bnei Yisrael followed Moshe’s orders.

“Wow! These Egyptians sure have plenty of precious stones, jewels, money, gold, silver, and beautiful clothes. You name it, they got it!”

“Yes, Doniel, let’s remember all their hiding places, just like Moshe instructed us.”

“And it will soon be ours, just like HaShem promised our forefather Avraham many years ago”.

“After all, we earned it! Our nation worked so hard for 210 years and never got any payment whatsoever!”

Shazak insight

Death in Darkness

Unfortunately, not all was bright for Bnei Yisrael during “The Plague of Darkness.” There were Jews who refused to believe that Moshe would successfully lead them out of Egypt and because of this, they perished during this plague. 

However, due to the intense darkness, the Egyptians were not given the “pleasure” of seeing this Jewish tragedy.

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