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A Beloved Treasure – The Jewish Nation

A Beloved Treasure The Jewish Nation

The next day, on the 2nd day of the month of Sivan, Moshe climbed to the top of Mount Sinai. It wasn’t very tall compared to the grand mountains all around it. It was a humble little mountain, scattered with flowers.

HaShem spoke to him, “Moshe, your people have witnessed the great Exodus from Egypt. I have now chosen them to be a beloved treasure for me, cherished above all other nations. They will receive My precious Torah. Go down and tell them what I have told you – first the women and then the men. Ask them if they agree to become My holy people and keep all My laws.”

Moshe came down the mountain and repeated to the Zekainim, the elders of Israel, exactly what HaShem had told him – no more and no less.

“Will you accept HaShem’s commandments?” Moshe asked the Zekainim.

Before the Zekainim could open their mouths to respond, all of Bnei Yisrael called out together, “Na’aseh ViNishmah – we will do and we will listen.”

Yes, Bnei Yisrael had absolute faith in HaShem, and loved Him so much, that they were prepared to do whatever He commanded them, even before they understood the full meaning of the Mitzvos. First “we will do” and then “we will listen” and understand.

HaShem was quite impressed. A voice from Heaven came down, “Who revealed this secret? These are the very words which My angels say to Me in Heaven!”

HaShem sent down millions of angels – one Malach for each Jew. Each Malach carried two heavenly crowns, one for the word Na’aseh and one for Nishma. These beautiful crowns were placed on Bnei Yisrael’s heads as a wonderful gift from HaShem.

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