INSIGHT: “Come Up, Bull!”

A Promise Fulfilled

A Promise Fulfilled

While Bnei Yisrael were collecting the gold and silver from the Egyptians, Moshe was busy with an important mission of his own. 

“Many years ago,” he thought to himself, “the sons of Yaakov made a promise to their brother Yosef, that when the time will come for Bnei Yisrael to leave Egypt, they would take Yosef’s coffin with them.”

But there was one major problem – where was Yosef’s coffin?

“I have an idea,” thought Moshe. “I’ll ask Serach.”

Indeed, Serach the daughter of Asher, who was now an extremely old lady, was the one who broke the news to Yaakov that his son Yosef was alive. Yaakov blessed her with long life, and she was now the only person alive who remembered the exact spot of Yosef’s coffin. 

“Aaah… yes Moshe,” said Serach. “The Egyptians sealed Yosef’s remains in a heavy coffin and lowered it to the bottom of the great Nile River. They believed this would bring a great blessing to the river and to the Egyptian nation.”

Serach proceeded to lead Moshe to the exact location of Yosef’s coffin. But there was still one more problem – retrieving the heavy coffin from the depths of the river.

Moshe engraved the holy name of HaShem on a gold plate and stood by the bank of the Nile. He threw the plate into the Nile and shouted, “Yosef! Yosef! The time to leave Egypt has come!”

The surface of the water began to bubble and ripple, and suddenly, a heavy box rose up from the river’s depths! A relieved Moshe took Yosef’s coffin and set out for the grand journey out of Egypt. 

Shazak insight

“Come Up, Bull!”

In addition to HaShem’s holy name engraved on the gold plate, Moshe also wrote the words, “Aley Shor!” (meaning “Come up bull”), for Yosef is compared in the Torah to a strong bull. And just like a strong bull, Yosef’s bones rose up quickly from the depths of the waters.

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