A Short Song About a Long History

A Short Song About a Long History

It’s time now to quote the words of the Ramban and see how he explains the Song – Shiras Ha’azinu as a “prophecy come true!”

This song, which for us is a faithful witness, tells us of all that befell us.

It begins with HaShem’s kindness, from when he took us as His own.

It mentions the goodness, He did for us in the desert.

How HaShem gave us the land, of great and powerful nations.

And the great riches and glory, that we received there.

And how this great goodness, caused us to abandon HaShem and serve idols.

Then, HaShem’s fearful anger was kindled against us.

As He sent sickness, hunger, wild animals, and war to our land.

HaShem then scattered us in every direction, to every corner of the earth.

And it is known to all that every word of this prophecy (here in Parshas Ha’azinu) came true!

Ramban, Parshas Ha’azinu Chapter 32, Pasuk 40

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Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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