A Time-Honored Tradition
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A Time-Honored Tradition
A Time-Honored Tradition

Parshas VaYikra

A Time-Honored Tradition

Although this was the first time HaShem commanded Bnei Yisrael to bring Korbanos, it was not the first time sacrifices were offered. In fact, there were 7 great people, beginning with Adam, and leading up to Moshe, who offered Korbanos even before the Mishkan was built.

  1. Adam HaRishon, the first man on planet earth, offered a sacrifice as a way to show that he was sorry for eating the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.
  2. Adam’s son Hevel sacrificed his best sheep as a special gift to HaShem.
  3. Noach brought Korbanos after the flood ended. It was his way of thanking HaShem for saving him and his family.
  4. Avraham, the first Jew, also offered sacrifices, on four different altars that he built in the land of Israel.
  5. Yitzchak, the son of Avraham, built one altar where he brought a Korban.
  6. Yaakov, the son of Yitzchak, built two altars on which he brought Korbanos.
  7. Here in this week’s Parsha we find that Moshe offered Korbanos even before HaShem commanded him. It was a sacrifice of thanks to HaShem for their remarkable victory over the mighty nation of Amalek.

Through Divine Inspiration, these great people who lived before the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai, already knew the laws of Korbanos, and were careful to offer nothing but Kosher animals on their altars.

Shazak insight

The First Korban Ever – by Adam HaRishon

The first words of the instructions about the Korbanos in Parshas Vayikra begin with, “Adam Ki Yakriv Mikem Korban LaHaShem translated, “when a man brings a sacrifice for HaShem…”.

In Hebrew, Adam means man, but it also is the name of the first person to ever walk the earth – Adam HaRishon.

The use of the word Adam here is coming to teach us a very important lesson: never steal an animal to use as a Korban. One may mistakenly think it would be permitted, after all the stolen animal would be used for a very special Mitzvah, but that is wrong… wrong… wrong – untrue and totally false!

But how do we learn this from Adam?

Because Adam never stole. Even if he tried it was impossible for him to steal, since he and his wife Chavah were the only people on planet earth at the time, so technically everything belonged to him.

This law is derived from the use of the word Adam in our Pasuk. “when an Adam brings a sacrifice…” Be careful to be just like Adam HaRishon and never steal in order to bring a Korban.