INSIGHT: Sweet Songs Yet to Come

Aaaaah! The Song of His Life

“Aaaaah! The Song of His Life

Think about it. This song that Moshe sings at the end of his life can also be seen as a reflection of his own personal life. Moshe Rabbeinu, throughout his entire life, survived many hardships:

It all began when baby Moshe escaped death by being put into the Nile River; then he grew up in the palace of evil Paraoh; later he ran for his life to Midyan; after many years he came back to Egypt and bravely stood up to Paraoh; in Egypt Moshe was constantly challenged by his fellow Jews; in the 40 years of the desert he was subjected to many, many complaints and at one point his relative Korach tried to overthrow him. And the list goes on and on, and on and on, etc. etc. etc., and on and on.

Yet, at the end of his life, Moshe was able to look back with satisfaction. As if to say, “Aaaaah! I have merited to take HaShem’s nation Out of Egypt; gave them HaShem’s Torah; and prepared them to enter the Promised Land.”

What an amazing song… Challenges! Challenges! Challenges! but the end of Moshe’s song was a happy ending… a deep sense of satisfaction… exactly like the song of Ha’azinu.

No wonder our Sages also call this amazing song, Shiras Moshe, the Song of Moshe!


Shazak insight

Sweet Songs Yet to Come

In telling of the great turnaround that will happen, Moshe predicted that the nations of the world will joyfully sing as they watch HaShem bring His people back to Eretz Yisrael.

In the words of Ramban:

“This [prophecy of Moshe] surely refers to the time of Moshiach, because when the Jews returned to Eretz Yisrael and built the Second Beis HaMikdash, the nations were not singing their praises. Just the opposite! They were laughing at them, saying, “What do these Jewish weaklings think they will accomplish?”

Consider this: even the greatest of the Jews were servants to the King of Bavel and they were all under his rule. At that time, HaShem did not bring punishment to the enemies of the Jews…

Clearly this song is a promise of very good things to come in the upcoming redemption [when Moshiach comes]!”



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