Aharon the Peacemaker

Parshas Chukas #11

Aharon the Peacemaker

All Bnei Yisrael wept for Aharon’s passing. EVERYONE. They loved him so much! He was known as the lover of peace and always had, shall we say – a creative way of peacemaking between friends, business partners and especially between husbands and wives who might happen to get into an argument. It happens… after all, nobody is perfect.

Here’s a typical peacemaking example from Aharon, a.k.a. Aharon Rodef Shalom – Aharon the Pursuer of Peace:

Shimon and Shoshana were happily married until one day something terrible happened!

 “What’s this mud all over the house?!” Shoshana yelled at Shimon. “If you would only wipe your feet before coming in the house, we wouldn’t have such a dirty home. How many times do I have to tell you the same thing… over and over and over and over, again and again… and again?”

Shimon snapped back, “What?! Am I hearing this correctly? First of all wiping my feet won’t help a thing. It’s wiping my shoes that will do the trick. And besides, is that a reason to get so upset? I’ll clean up the mess.”

“Thanks but no thanks! I’d rather you don’t.”

“Anyways Shoshana, why don’t you take after me? I never complain.”

“That’s because, Shimon, you have nothing to complain about!”

“Is that so?! Well, what about the Mann you burnt yesterday in the kitchen?”

“Burnt the Mann?! How is that possible? Mann is eaten raw, not cooked and not baked!”

OY VEY! This argument grew and grew, things got worse and worse, until the situation was totally out of control.

Somehow, someway, Aharon the Peacemaker found out. Within no time he rushed over to Shimon.

“Shimon, my dear friend,” he began. “Between you and me, I have some inside information about your wife, Shoshana. She really feels so bad about the way she talked to you and wants to make up, but she doesn’t know exactly how.”

“Really? I never knew that! Well, come to think of it, I myself feel really bad. I was not acting properly towards Shoshana. She is a wonderful wife and certainly deserves better.”

“My advice to you Shimon,” Aharon the peacemaker said, “is to patch things up. Here, I have a wonderful idea. It’s called a present… a Matanah… a gift. Buy her something very special and don’t forget to write a nice note.”

“Splendid idea. I’ll go right now…. I sure hope they’re open.”

Off Shimon zoomed to Blumah’s Flower Shop. Luckily for him he made it just five minutes before closing, and bought a lovely bouquet of flowers.

“That’ll be a grand total of exactly 3 Shekalim. Would you like a card? SLG

“Sure thing. And would you happen to have, by any chance, a nice “I’m sorry” balloon?”

“We sure do… And I would suggest a nice box of yummy chocolates. Quick go next door, they’re closing very soon.”

Quickly, Aharon would go over to Shoshana with a similar story.

“Between you and me, Shoshana, I have some inside information about your husband Shimon, Aharon the peacemaker said, “I know for a fact that he really feels bad about his behavior towards you.”

“Really? Are you talking about my Shimon? Perhaps you mean a different Shimon?”

“No,” Aharon replied. “It’s your Shimon. Your husband now realizes that he should have been more sensitive, and his “burning the Mann” comment was totally out of place.”

“Wow! That’s great! I am so glad to hear that,” Shoshana exclaimed. “I have an idea. I’ll buy my dear Shimon a gift and that will help smooth things out.”

And off Shoshana went to the bakery for some chocolate chip cookies (Shimon loved chocolate chip cookies, especially the soft, chewy ones with chopped nuts).

To make a short story long, I mean a long story short, thanks to Aharon the Peacemaker, Shimon and Shoshanah were once again, and lo and behold a happily married couple once again!

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