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INSIGHT: GPS… What’s it all about?

Amazing Clouds and Fire

Amazing Clouds and Fire

As Bnei Yisrael journeyed, HaShem lovingly provided them miraculous protection:

During the day, a huge cloud, called the Ananei HaKovod, the “Clouds of Glory,” protected them from the heat of the blazing sun. And as night fell, a spectacular pillar of fire appeared to light their path. It also shielded them from wild beasts and the chilling cold of the desert night.

By following the cloud and the fire, Bnei Yisrael knew exactly which way HaShem wanted them to travel – it was the best possible GPS system!

Shazak insight

GPS… What’s it all about?

GPS, which stands for “Global Positioning System,” is a satellite navigation system used to determine location, speed, and direction. Though it was created and originally used by the U.S. military, GPS is now available to the general public all over the world.

GPS systems are installed in many cars, and can tell you your location with great accuracy. A GPS talks to us, telling us exactly where to go, and helps us find our way. Pretty amazing!

Think about it… The Torah is our GPS – it guides us in the right direction and helps us move through life… without getting lost. Could it be that GPS stands for “G-d’s Positioning System?”

Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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