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INSIGHT: A QUESTIONABLE Insight (9 of them)

“Any Buyers for the Torah?”

“Any Buyers for the Torah?”

Before HaShem gave the Torah to the Jewish people, He wanted to give the nations of the world a chance so nobody would be able to say, “Why should the Jews get the Torah and not us? It’s not fair!”

The Midrash tells us an interesting “conversation” between HaShem and the nations of the world.

HaShem approached the descendants of Yitzchak’s son, Eisav, and said, “Do you want My Torah?”

“Maybe yes, maybe no,” they replied. “After all, how do you expect us to accept the Torah if we don’t even know what it says?”

Hashem replied, “Here’s an example of one of the 613 laws of the Torah, ‘Do not murder.’”

“Impossible!” answered Eisav’s descendants without hesitation. “We were born to kill. Our ancestor Eisav was blessed that he would forever live by the sword! This Torah really wouldn’t be a good match for us.”

So HaShem offered the Torah to the descendants of Avraham’s son, Yishmael, “Do you want My Torah?”

“It depends,” answered the Yishmaelim, “What’s it all about?”

“It has laws to live by – no stealing, for example,” said HaShem.

“Well, thanks for the offer, but we are not interested. How can we make an “honest” living without stealing?!”

And so it went. HaShem offered the Torah to every nation, and each one asked what was in the Torah, and then rejected it. Finally, HaShem approached the Jewish people and sure enough they happily agreed.

Shazak insight

A QUESTIONABLE Insight (9 of them)

What would have been if one of the nations decided to accept the Torah? Would they have been given the Torah and not Bnei Yisrael?!

What?! Didn’t HaShem promise our forefathers, Avraham, Yitzchak, and Yaakov, that their descendants would receive the Torah? And what about all those years of bitter, harsh slavery in Egypt – wasn’t that in order to receive the Torah?

Certainly, it was the Jewish Nation who deserved the Torah! So why did Hashem offer the Torah to the other nations of the world?

Do you have an answer? Does Shazak have an answer? (Not really.) How about Mr. Know-It-All?

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