Arvus – The New BIG Deal!

Arvus – The New BIG Deal!

It was the last day of Moshe’s life – the 7th day of Adar, in the year 2488. Bnei Yisrael just heard from Moshe 98 curses, and they were, shall we say, not in the greatest of moods.

“This is too hard for us!”

“Even if we try very hard to keep the Torah, we’re sometimes bound to make mistakes and sin.”

“After all, we’re only human!”

Moshe calmed everyone down, “Even after causing HaShem to be angered, yet, Atem Nitzavim Hayom – Today, you are all standing together, firm and strong, before HaShem – men, women, and children, from the leaders of your tribes to your woodchoppers and your water carriers.”

“Water carriers. Hmmm. Reminds me of Rivkah who carried loads of heavy water for Eliezer’s thirsty camels. Ten of them!”

“Good point! That was the sign she was the perfect match for Yitzchak our forefather! And if not for that little water-carrier, we wouldn’t be here today, listening to the words of Moshe Rabbeinu!”

Moshe continued, “Now is the perfect time to form a new covenant. It’s for this generation standing here today, and for all future generations.”

“I guess that includes all my future kids, grandkids, great-grandkids, great-great-grandkids…”

“Yes, okay, you can stop now. We get the idea!”

“It’s a promise between you and HaShem,” Moshe announced. “A deal. A pact. A pledge. A firm covenant to be HaShem’s people and keep the Torah, now and forever. But there’s a lot more to this covenant. It’s called Arvus!”

“Arvus? What’s that? Sounds like the Aravah to me.”

“You mean the Sukah Aravah? As in Lulav, Esrog, Hadas and Aravah?”


Moshe continued, “Remember these very important words – Kol Yisrael Areivim Zeh Lezeh. Never forget them. Every Jew is responsible one for the other!”

“Even if they sin?!”

“Correct. After all there is not a righteous person on earth that does not sin. We must care for each other regardless of who they are, and work together. Look out for your fellow Jew.”

The people didn’t have to think about it – they immediately accepted.

“It’s a deal!”

“A BIG deal!”

“Count us all in!”

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Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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