Parsha at a Glance

Learn Chumash from Chumash with MERCAVA! MERCAVA CHUMASH Shazak Parsha Adventure begins here. PARSHA AT A GLANCE – a quick overview of the Parsha.   Click on the Mercava button above to LEARN CHUMASH FROM CHUMASH! BTW: Shazak constantly adds new features to each section, so visit often! All Bikkurim – Thanks! Blessings & Curses Back […]

The Two Mountains: Blessings and Curses

Puzzle SHAZAK The Two Mountains: Blessings and Curses Moshe commanded his nation, “On the very first day that you will enter the land of Israel, together with Yehoshua, gather together near two mountains. Six tribes – Shimon, Levi, Yehudah, Yissachar, Yosef and Binyamin – on Mount Gerizim. The other six tribes – Reuven, Gad, Asher, […]

Double Trouble

Puzzle SHAZAK Double Trouble When Moshe finished his instructions of the upcoming “Blessings and Curses” under the leadership of Yehoshua, it was time to give his own version. The blessings are short and sweet, but the curses, also called the Tochachah (“rebuke”), are really long… VERY LONG! In fact, if you recall, going back to […]

The Rebuke Rush

Puzzle SHAZAK The Rebuke Rush (without a speeding ticket) “Ya’amod Menachem Mendel ben Dovid Moshe…” That’s the style used when people are called up to the Torah before each Aliyah. In this example, the person called up to the Torah is Menachem Mendel and his father’s name is Dovid Moshe. Yet, for the Aliyah of […]


Puzzle SHAZAK Blessings! Moshe first blessed his beloved people, “If you make sure to obey HaShem and always keep His Mitzvos, you will be lifted above all other nations! Enormous blessings will be showered upon you. Even if you somehow run away from the blessings, VeHisigoocha – they will catch up to you!” “VeHisigoocha – […]

Warning! Warning! The Tochachah

Puzzle SHAZAK Warning! Warning! The Tochachah Life is full of ups and downs and rights and wrongs. Now comes the flip-side of the blessings, the Tochachah. As mentioned, it’s quite long, 98 of them…. too long to list all of them. Instead, here’s a sample of a few of them: Moshe said with much sadness, […]

Back to Egypt!

Puzzle SHAZAK Back to Egypt! Fast forward to the very last of the 98 curses. Moshe warned his people, “In case, G-d forbid, you don’t follow the Mitzvos, HaShem will bring you back to Egypt…” “Oh no! Not to Egypt, the place of our bitter slavery!” “Yes… to Egypt, the place I said you will […]

A Great Question About Great People

INSIGHT: The Sin Signature Puzzle SHAZAK A Great Question About Great People Speaking of “not going back to Egypt,” you’re probably thinking, “how did Jews throughout the ages, especially great, holy Rabbis, settle in Egypt when HaShem commanded us not to?!” To understand this, let’s look at the words of Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, a.k.a. […]

From OY to JOY!

Puzzle SHAZAK From OY to JOY! Indeed, Moshe talked a lot about the Tochachah – the warnings and curses which are the result of not listening to HaShem. But what exactly does “not listening to HaShem” mean? There is no mention, of specific sins here. Or is there? Let’s take a close look at Moshe’s […]

Ending on a Joyful Note

Puzzle SHAZAK Ending on a Joyful Note The people just heard 98 curses and were quite frightened! But, it’s never a good idea to end the Parsha on a sour note. So, Moshe, as a loving leader, changed their mood for the better. He reassured them of HaShem’s love for them, and how they were […]