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Brotherly Love

Brotherly Love

After the passing of Yaakov, the brothers feared that Yosef would finally take revenge for throwing him into the dangerous pit and selling him as a slave.

“We have a situation. An enormous problem!” spoke up one of the brothers.

“What is it?!” they all asked.

“It is quite possible that out of respect for Father, Yosef did not take revenge on our past deeds. Now, we could be in terrible danger. Who knows what anger lurks in the heart of the viceroy?”

“I have an idea,” one of the brothers suggested. “Let’s beg Yosef for forgiveness.”

“Agreed,” they all chimed in. Without hesitating, off the brothers went to Yosef.

They arrived at the palace and were escorted into the throne room of the viceroy.

“Please, dear brother, Yosef,” they began. “We are your humble servants and are now begging you, our great master, to forgive us. Indeed, we have done terrible things to you and we are so very, very sorry.”

“Do not worry,” Yosef calmed his brothers. “You may have had bad intentions when you sold me, but HaShem made it happen for a good reason – so I could save your lives! Although Father is gone, absolutely nothing has changed. I will continue providing you and your children with all that you need.”

The brothers breathed a sigh of relief and were indeed comforted.

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Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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