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INSIGHT: Two Mistakes and One Question

Call Dr. Cohen!

Call Dr. Cohen!

Only a Kohen could diagnose Tsara’as, so if someone saw white spots on their skin, off he or she went to the Kohen.

The Kohen would very carefully examine the skin to make sure that this was truly Tsara’as. This was by no means an easy task. He had to make sure that there were two dark hairs that turned white inside this spot. But that’s not all. Not any size spot was considered Tsara’as. The Kohen had to know the exact minimum size of the spot. Also, not any shade of white qualifies. The Torah mentions several shades, ranging in color from a shiny snow white to a dull white shade.

If the Kohen indeed thought the person had Tsara’as, he would say something like this, “By the power vested in me as a Kohen, you are a Metsora candidate. You will be quarantined in a special house here in the city.”

“For how long? Forever?”

“Not at all. In 7 days I will come back and reexamine you. It’s possible that there will be a change for the better or for the worse. It’s up to you. While you are sitting alone, you’ll have plenty of time for Teshuvah – repentance.”

“And if I repent, will the spots go away?!”

“For sure. HaShem will make your Tsara’as totally disappear and then you will know that your Teshuvah has been accepted. I will come by in a week and check on you.”

“Oh no! Is one week enough time for a proper Teshuvah?”

“Not to worry. After that you can get one more week’s extension. I will be back and reexamine you. Good luck!”

So, if the Kohen comes back any time during these two one-week periods and decides that things got better, then he allows the person to go back to society, but only after he immerses himself and his clothes in a ritual bath called a Mikvah.

Mission accomplished! HaShem accepted this person’s repentance and he starts again on a clean slate. No doubt that he or she would think twice before ever again spreading gossip.

Shazak insight

Two Mistakes and One Question

Two Mistakes and One Question

Look at the pic carefully. Notice any mistakes?

To tell you the truth, we at Shazak didn’t notice a thing. Then a very knowledgeable Rabbi from South Africa pointed them out to us:

  1. The Kohen is wearing Bigdei Kehunah, the special clothes of a Kohen, to be worn during his work in the Mishkan (or Beis HaMikdash). Since the Kohen is checking for Tsara’as outside of the Mishkan/Beis HaMikdash, he is not allowed to wear Bigdei Kehunah.
  2. The Posuk says that the Tsara’as must be seen by “the eyes of the Kohain,” without any external aids such as a magnifying glass.

So the question is… why doesn’t Shazak correct this pic? GREAT QUESTION!

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