A Clean Bill of Health

INSIGHT: Love to be Low Puzzle SHAZAK A Clean Bill of Health In last week’s Parsha, we learned that if a person spoke Lashon HaRa, he might first notice spots on his clothes, and then he might get spots on his skin. If a Kohen examined him and determined that he had Tsara’as, the Metsora […]

Homesick… Literally!

Puzzle SHAZAK Homesick… Literally! Now that the purification process is over, our Parsha turns to a situation which never occurred in the desert, but only happened once Bnei Yisrael had entered the Land of Israel. If you think that the Tsara’as disease on a person’s skin was incredible, wait till you hear about this! HaShem […]

Hidden Treasures!

Puzzle SHAZAK Hidden Treasures! “When you enter the Land of Cana’an, which I give you as an inheritance, I will give Tsara’as in the homes…” said HaShem. It sure sounds like HaShem is giving His people a gift. HaShem gives the gift of life, the gift of health, the gift of the Torah… and now […]

The Rambam Sums It Up!

Puzzle SHAZAK The Rambam Sums It Up! One of the greatest Rabbis of all times, the Rambam, Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, was the only person in Jewish history to write a Code of Jewish Law on the entire Torah, called the Mishneh Torah. After 10 consecutive years of uninterrupted work, in the year 1177 in […]

Rambam #1 – Tsara’as: Signs and Wonders!

INSIGHT: Order in the Court! Puzzle SHAZAK Rambam #1 – Tsara’as: Signs and Wonders! Here are the words of the Rambam translated from Hebrew to English: Tsara’as is not a natural occurrence. Instead it is an Os VaPelah – a sign and a wonder – to warn the Jewish people about speaking Lashon Hara. When a […]

Rambam #2 – An Important Lesson from Important People

INSIGHT: More Lashon HaRa? Oh, No! Puzzle SHAZAK Rambam #2 – An Important Lesson from Important People The Rambam continues with a history lesson about the famous brother and sister duo – Moshe and Miriam: The Torah warns about this, stating (Devarim Perek 24, Pesukim 8-9): “Take care with regard to a Tsara’as blemish… Remember what HaShem… […]

Rambam #3 – Look at the Bright Side

INSIGHT: “Nu… So, What’s NEWS?” Puzzle SHAZAK Rambam #3 – Look at the Bright Side The Rambam in his Mishneh Torah makes it a point to end on a good note, so after talking about the terrible sin of Lashon HaRa and the punishment of Tsara’as, he concludes with these uplifting words: …In contrast (to […]

A Tale of Two Tongues

INSIGHT: Tents Are Not Houses Puzzle SHAZAK Tazria and Metsora – The Big Divide Although Parshas Tazria and Parshas Metsora are divided into two separate Parshiyos, you would think they should be one Parsha. After all, they are both about Tsara’as. So why break it into two Parshiyos? Well, Parshas Tazria is all about the […]

Stay Tuned!

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