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The Dove’s Return… Again

In the evening, Noach stuck his head out the window and saw the dove heading back toward the Teivah – holding the olive leaf in her beak.
It was a sign of hope! Now Noach knew that the waters were going down.

Mission Accomplished!

Another week later, Noach sent out the dove once again. This time, the earth was dry. The dove found a place to live and never came back to the Teivah. Now, Noach was certain that the earth was livable again. The dove had found dry land… AT LAST!

Out of the Ark

Although the land was dry, Noach would not leave the Teivah until he received direct orders from HaShem to do so. Finally, on the 27th day of the Hebrew month of Cheshvan, exactly 365 days after they had first entered the Teivah, HaShem commanded Noach and his family, “Leave the Teivah!”
Noach and his wife, Shem, Cham and Yefes and their wives, stepped out onto dry land. The first thing Noach wanted to do was to thank HaShem. He built a Mizbei’ach (altar) and offered some of the Kosher animals as a sacrifice.

The First Rainbow

HaShem “smelled” the offering and was very pleased with Noach’s gifts! He also realized that mankind struggles to overcome evil which is very difficult.
So Hashem promised, “Although you may have sinned, I will never again send a flood that will destroy the entire world. And as a sign of My promise, every once in a while, after a rainfall, I will create a beautiful rainbow in the sky.”

Let’s Build a Tower!

300 years passed after the Great Flood, and once again people filled the earth. In this post–Flood world, everyone spoke the same language, Hebrew, and they all got along pretty well.
One day the people of the city of Bavel had an idea: “Let’s all make some bricks and build ourselves a city! Let’s build a tower that will reach as high as the sky. That way, if HaShem ever sends another flood, we can climb up and fight Him.”
“What a great plan!” they all exclaimed. They worked together peacefully and, brick by brick, began to build the giant Tower of Bavel.
But something wasn’t quite right. HaShem didn’t like what they were doing. Not at all! Sure, people were treating each other kindly and working as a team – but for what purpose? To become more powerful than HaShem? To fight against Him?

The Tower of Bavel or The Tower of Babble?

Even though the people had rebelled, HaShem decided not to destroy them–only to divide them. HaShem, together with his angels, caused the people to begin speaking in 70 different languages!
Suddenly, no one understood what anyone else was saying. The confusion that set in was incredible!
One worker would say to the next, “Hey, buddy, hand me a brick, will you?”
“A stick?” the other would say.
“No, a brick. A BRICK. You know, the heavy blocks we’re using to build the GREAT TOWER.”
“Oh, you mean this?” He would then toss a hammer over, hitting his coworker on the side of the head.
One misunderstanding led to another until the whole project fell apart… literally… CRASH… BANG… KERPLUNK!
The angels scattered these people all over the world. Never again would they be able to unite against HaShem.


Ten generations have passed since the time of Noach. Just about 2,000 years have passed since the beginning of creation. Those years were total CHAOS! Adam had fallen. Hevel had been murdered, the Great Flood destroyed the world, and idol worship became very popular in this post flood era.
A new wonderful era is about to begin – and it all starts with an amazing man named Avram, born exactly 1948 years after creation of the world.