Parsha at a Glance

Learn Chumash from Chumash with MERCAVA! MERCAVA CHUMASH Shazak Parsha Adventure begins here. PARSHA AT A GLANCE – a quick overview of the Parsha.    Click on the Mercava button above to LEARN CHUMASH FROM CHUMASH! BTW: Shazak constantly adds new features to each section, so visit often! All Yisro Big Idea Any Buyers? Washing […]

A Surprise Visit

INSIGHT: Why Yisro?A Bittersweet Feeling Puzzle SHAZAK Tricks PUZZLE A Surprise Visit Moshe and Bnei Yisrael were camped in the desert and living a life full of miracles. They ate the amazing food from Heaven, and enjoyed the protection of the miraculous Clouds of Glory which surrounded them. A year earlier, Moshe was sent on […]

Honor your In-Law (not your outlaw)

Puzzle SHAZAK Honor your In-Law (not your outlaw) Yisro sent a messenger to inform Moshe that his family would soon be arriving. Moshe, who was camped at Mount Sinai, personally came out to greet his father-in-law. Aharon called his two sons, Nadav and Avihu, and said, “Let’s go meet Yisro, Uncle Moshe’s father-in-law. Quickly!” Of […]

Yisro’s “Big” Idea

Puzzle SHAZAK Yisro’s “Big” Idea The next day, Yisro witnessed Moshe’s grueling daily schedule. He observed how his son-in-law sat for hours upon hours, at the head of an endless line of people. They were all standing and waiting to ask him questions and settle their disputes. “Hey, Reuven, I’m supposed to get 65% of […]

Judges, Judges, Everywhere

Puzzle SHAZAK Judges, Judges, Everywhere Thanks to Yisro, Moshe appointed many judges and divided them into groups: judges of thousands, hundreds, fifties and tens. So, for a nation of 600,000, Moshe appointed 600 judges of thousands, 6,000 judges of hundreds, 12,000 judges of fifties, and 60,000 judges of tens. A total of 78,600 judges. That […]

Commandment #8 – No Kidnapping!

INSIGHT: Kidnap or Adultnap? Puzzle SHAZAK Commandment #8 – No Kidnapping! “Do Not Kidnap.” “No!” answered Bnei Yisrael. “We will not kidnap. Once again another two important words: Lo Tignov. The Hebrew words of this commandment, which mean, “Don’t steal,” refer to stealing people. It is forbidden to kidnap (not only kids, but also adults.) […]

Commandment #9 – No False Witnesses!

Puzzle SHAZAK Commandment #9 – No False Witnesses! “Do Not Be a False Witness.” “No!” answered Bnei Yisrael. “We will not be a false witness.” We are not allowed to lie or give false testimony in a court case. Witnesses must be absolutely honest. They must always tell the whole truth and nothing but the […]

Commandment #10 – No Jealousy!

INSIGHT: Kosher Jealousy?!The Unbroken Chain Puzzle SHAZAK Commandment #10 – No Jealousy! “Do Not Be Jealous.” “No!” answered Bnei Yisrael. “We will not be jealous.” HaShem commands us not to be jealous of other people’s things. Wanting what other people have can lead to stealing and even fighting. We should be happy with what we […]

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