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INSIGHT: A Lesson in HistoryHashem Can’t Cure?! What’s Going On?!

“Choose Someone Else”

“Choose Someone Else”

Seven days after HaShem appeared to Moshe at the sneh, the thornbush, Moshe was still reluctant to serve as the messenger and leader of Bnei Yisrael.
“But, but, I am not worthy!” argued Moshe. “I am not a man of words. I cannot speak clearly. I stutter! Also, I am not a leader. My brother Aharon is much better suited to lead Bnei Yisrael.”
HaShem reassured Moshe, “Do not worry, Moshe. Who gives man a mouth to speak, ears to hear, or eyes to see? Is it not I, HaShem? You, Moshe, are the one I have chosen to lead Bnei Yisrael out of Egypt. Aharon will be your spokesman, but you will be the one in charge. You will repeat to Paraoh My exact words, in Loshon HaKodesh, the holy tongue, and Aharon will translate into the Egyptian language and elaborate.”
The final words of HaShem to Moshe at the sneh, summed up Moshe’s holy mission:
“It is I, HaShem who will guide you through this vital mission. Take your staff with you, and use it to publicize My miracles and lead my people OUT OF EGYPT!”

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Shazak insight #1

Hashem Can’t Cure?! What’s Going On?!

Hashem can do anything. So, why didn’t He just cure Moshe of his speech problem?

HaShem wanted it to be clear to everyone that it was not by Moshe’s persuasive speech that Bnei Yisrael were released from slavery, but rather by Divine power – from HaShem Himself.

Furthermore, HaShem is giving us an important message – it is not one’s speaking abilities that make a great leader. It’s his actions that count.

Shazak insight #2

A Lesson in History

The words of HaShem – “Who gives man a mouth to speak, ears to hear, or eyes to see? Is it not I, HaShem?” – were actually a reminder to Moshe of the miracles HaShem performed to save his life after he killed the Egyptian and buried him in the sand.

“Who gives man a mouth to speak” – Who taught you to speak when you were being judged before Paraoh concerning the Egyptian you killed?

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