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INSIGHT: Kosher Jealousy?!The Unbroken Chain

Commandment #10 – No Jealousy!

Commandment #10 – No Jealousy!

“Do Not Be Jealous.”

“No!” answered Bnei Yisrael. “We will not be jealous.”

HaShem commands us not to be jealous of other people’s things. Wanting what other people have can lead to stealing and even fighting. We should be happy with what we have, knowing that HaShem has given us exactly what we need.

“Ethel, the second I saw my fancy shmancy neighbor walk out of her house today, wearing her gorgeous mink coat, a wave of jealousy came over me! Oh, how I wish I had a mink like that!”

“Here’s the secret, my good friend. Just remember Commandment #10 and you’ll be cured. And besides, it’s 90 degrees out there today… it’s summer!”

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Shazak insight

Kosher Jealousy?!

Kosher Jelly is delicious! Especially with peanut butter. Huh? (That’s a joke). But is there ever such thing as “Kosher Jealousy?” Believe it or not, there is! When you are jealous of someone who knows more Torah than you do, it’s not only okay to be jealous, it’s a positive thing!

Our Sages of old encourage this type of jealousy, calling it “Kin’as Sofrim Tarbeh Chochmah” – “The jealousy of scholars increases wisdom.” This is a healthy competition which encourages more and more Torah learning.

Can you think of any other types of “Kosher Jealousy?”

Shazak insight

The Unbroken Chain

There are billions of people in the world with many different religions. Most of them are based on the words of a so-called prophet who claimed that G-d spoke to Him.

So, let’s ask a question, just like we do on Passover: Mah Nishtanah? Why is this religion different from all other religions? How do we know the Torah is truly the word of HaShem?

Well, the Torah is not based on something that a few people claimed to witness. NO! NO! NO! There were several million people who witnessed the Giving of the Torah. Each and every one of them heard the Ten Commandments and knew it was 100% true!

Of course, these Jewish witnesses told their children about it, who told their children – all the way until you and me – forming an unbroken chain of tradition that we know is accurate, factual and not fake-news. This chain is called Mesorah, usually translated as “Tradition,” and literally means “given over,” – from parents to children, from generation to generation.

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Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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