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INSIGHT: Kidnap or Adultnap?

Commandment #8 – No Kidnapping!

Commandment #8 – No Kidnapping!

“Do Not Kidnap.”

No!” answered Bnei Yisrael. “We will not kidnap.

Once again another two important words: Lo Tignov. The Hebrew words of this commandment, which mean, “Don’t steal,” refer to stealing people. It is forbidden to kidnap (not only kids, but also adults.)

“Hey, Dave, look at that cute kid taking a nap, let’s kidnap him.”

“Norman! Don’t you know the 8th commandment forbids us from kidnapping! Never!”

Stealing money and other things is also not allowed, of course. That Mitzvah will be given later in the Torah, in Parshas Kedoshim, in the Book of Vayikra.

Shazak insight

Kidnap or Adultnap?

Kidnap… that’s when a kid takes a nap. Not really. Kidnap means when somebody steals another person, whether an adult or a kid. So why not call it “adultnap?”

That’s because in the olden days it was more common for evil people to steal young children and force them to work. Either way, whether stealing a child or an adult, it’s wrong! It’s one of the “Ten Commandments.” “Do not steal!”

Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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