Devarim – “I Am a Man of Words!”

Devarim – “I Am a Man of Words!”

Huh?! Moshe, the great speaker? Are we talking about the same Moshe who told HaShem, “Lo Ish Devarim Anochi” – “I am not a man of words”?

Remember how Moshe as a young child got a speech defect, all because of the “hot coals and jewels incident” in the palace of Paraoh?

Now it’s time for a Shazak Flashback:

Little Moshe looked at the gold. He looked at the coals. He knew perfectly well that the gold was much more valuable, and naturally reached out for it…

Suddenly, a Malach (angel), sent by HaShem, pushed Moshe’s hand into the bowl of coals! By accident one of the coals flew into his mouth… OUCH!

Paraoh’s fears were laid to rest, but Moshe’s tongue was badly burned, which caused him to stutter from that day on.

Remember how his brother Aharon was appointed his spokesman?

“But, but, I am not worthy!” argued Moshe. “I am not a man of words. I cannot speak clearly. I stutter! Also, I am not a leader. My brother Aharon is much better suited to lead Bnei Yisrael.”

HaShem reassured Moshe, “Do not worry, Moshe. Who gives man a mouth to speak, ears to hear, or eyes to see? Is it not I, HaShem? You, Moshe, are the one I have chosen to lead Bnei Yisrael out of Egypt.

Well, Moshe was cured! It’s not because he went to a speech therapist, it’s because of the “Giving of the Torah.”

If you can’t remember what happened then, it’s time for a Shazak Flashback, back to the Parsha of Matan Torah, in Parshas Yisro:

Cured… Healed! HaShem wanted all Bnei Yisrael to stand upright with pride, see the amazing event of Matan Torah, and hear the sounds. Then, the incredible happened!

“Amazing! I can see!” cried the blind.

“I don’t believe it! I don’t need crutches anymore!” shouted the lame.

“No more hearing aids!” exclaimed the deaf.

In fact, Hashem cured Bnei Yisrael from all their handicaps.

“Thank you HaShem!” proclaimed Moshe. Yes, it was true! For over 80 years, the great leader Moshe was not able to speak clearly. At Mount Sinai, he became completely cured and from that moment until he departed from the world, Moshe was a magnificent speaker.

So, it was HaShem who transformed Moshe, from “Lo Ish Devarim Anochi” – “I am not a man of words,” to a man of many, many, words. A man who will speak and author the fifth and final book of the Torah, called DevarimWords. It’s as if HaShem is saying to Moshe, “You are Devarim!”

Now, fast forward to Moshe’s poem, at the end of the Book of Devarim, in Parshas Ha’azinu:

Ha’azinu HaShamayim Va’Adabeira – “Listen Heavens, for I shall speak!”

ViSishma HaAretz Imrei Fi – “And let the earth hear the words of my mouth!”

Indeed, this strong voice of Moshe Rabbeinu, thundered across the universe, for all to hear, and his powerful words still echo in our ears until this very day!

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