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INSIGHT: Gett Away

Going Separate Ways

Going Separate Ways

When a Jewish man and woman get married, they plan to be together forever, raising children in a Jewish home. But sometimes things don’t work out exactly as planned. What happens if a husband and wife decide that they can no longer continue living together in the same home?

In these cases, Jewish law allows a couple to divorce. A Sofer (scribe) writes a document called a Gett, which the husband gives to his wife in front of 2 proper witnesses. When she accepts the Gett, the couple is no longer married and only then are permitted to marry other people. 

Shazak insight

Gett Away

Why is a divorce called a Gett? After all, the Torah calls it here a “Sefer Krisus” (“Document of Separation”).

Here are two possible explanations:

  1. The Hebrew word Gett is spelled גט – Gimmel Tes. Add these two letters and you get 12 (3+9=12). A Gett must be written on 12 lines.
  2. Nowhere in the entire Tanach will you find a Gimmel and Tes in the same word! Check it out…. Not even one word! So, the very word for divorce is made up of 2 letters that just can’t live side by side and are therefore separated. Gett it? Ugghh. Forget it!


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