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Got Glatt?

Got Glatt?

Does the term “Glatt Kosher sound familiar to you?”

Contrary to popular opinion, “Glatt Kosher” does not mean “Very Kosher” or “Super Kosher,” rather it’s Yiddish for “smooth.”

Smooth? Kosher? What’s the connection?!

Well, in order for an animal to be Kosher, it must have healthy lungs. The animals with the healthiest lungs are the ones whose lungs are completely smooth, with no scabs or other signs of trauma. Kosher animals with perfectly smooth lungs — the best of the best — are referred to as “Glatt Kosher.”

However nowadays, people use “glatt” to give people the impression that the food was processed with extra, super-duper Kosher-care.

In fact, somebody once asked our Shazak author (M.M.), “Excuse me Rabbi, is the cheese in this pizza shop Glatt-Kosher?” What would you answer?

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