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INSIGHT: Lucky Us!

Great People and Great Actions

Great People and Great Actions

The wisest of men, King Solomon (Shlomo HaMelech) wrote in his book of Koheles, “There is no righteous man on earth that only does good and never sins.”

This explains why the Torah talks about instances where even great men with important jobs must bring a Korban Chatos. Actually, it’s quite inspiring for Bnei Yisrael when they see how these important people admit their wrongdoings. This encourages them to do the same when they do something wrong.

Here are the 3 examples mentioned in our Parsha:

  1. A Kohen Gadol who mistakenly gave the wrong decision in Jewish law. He ruled that something was permitted and later found out he was wrong. The problem is that he himself actually sinned by performing this act. The Kohen Gadol is obligated to bring a bull as a Korban Chatos.

  2. The Sanhedrin, the great court of law in Jerusalem, issued a wrong decision, and later they found out their mistake. The problem was that due to their incorrect ruling, the majority of Bnei Yisrael transgressed one of the 365 negative commandments. What should they do now? It’s time for them to bring a bull as a Korban Chatos.

  3. “Asher Nasi Yechteh” – “When a Prince Sins” – When a king (a.k.a. a prince) mistakenly commit certain sins, the king himself has to bring a goat to the Kohen, lean his hands on its head and confess – say his Viduy.

Shazak insight

Lucky Us!

Asher Nasi Yechteh – “When a King Sins”. “Asher” has another meaning besides “when” – it means lucky. Now, what’s so lucky about a king sinning?

Think about it. How many times do we hear about important officials who did terrible things but weren’t brave enough to admit that they did wrong?

Well, Asher Nasi Yechteh – “Lucky us… when a king sins” and is courageous enough to admit his guilt!

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