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Homesick… Literally!

Homesick… Literally!

Now that the purification process is over, our Parsha turns to a situation which never occurred in the desert, but only happened once Bnei Yisrael had entered the Land of Israel. If you think that the Tsara’as disease on a person’s skin was incredible, wait till you hear about this!

HaShem spoke to Moshe and Aharon: “When you enter the Land of Cana’an, which I give you as an inheritance, I will give Tsara’as in the homes…”

Sounds pretty strange, doesn’t it? Indeed, why would HaShem give a person’s house this disease? After all, houses don’t speak Lashon HaRa!

Here is one reason:

Besides for being a punishment for speaking Lashon HaRa, it could also be a punishment for being a miser, a stingy person.

Listen to this Shazak Scenario:

Poor Mr. Peretz Poorinsky, from Jerusalem, knocked on the door of Mr. Manny Miserstein’s fabulous mansion. Although it was incredibly big, room enough to host at least a hundred people, not one guest was ever invited to sleep over, since Manny was, shall we say, “allergic” to guests.

“Mr. Manny, can I please borrow a set of dishes?” pleaded Peretz. “You see, we need a set of real nice tableware, because we are hosting some fancy-shmancy guests. A service of 12 would be absolutely fabulous!”

“You must be kidding! “We never have guests! That is totally against our Miserstein policy. Guests would get our beautiful carpets dirty. So, why in the world would we have a 12 serving set of dishes?!” replied Manny Miserstein as he slammed the door in poor Mr. Poorinsky’s face.

The next day Manny wakes up and notices something very strange on his wall. It was something like a red or a green, or perhaps a reddish-green spot on his lovely wall, that was ruining his expensive wallpaper.

Mr. Miserstein sped out the door and went straight to the closest Kohen. He told him the terrible news.

The message of the Kohen was clear, “Clear all your belongings out of your house, before I come to inspect. Once I declare Tamei – everything in the house will become impure.”

“You mean everything?!” cried Manny in horror.


“Even my furniture?!”

“Even your furniture.”

“Even my fabulously expensive 12-piece set of antique dishes and cutlery?

“Every last spoon.”

Yes, all the owner’s possessions he had so closely guarded and selfishly refused to share were now on display for all to see…even his… 12 piece of you-know-what. And you-know-who saw this! What an embarrassment!

Then the Kohen would lock up the house. Nobody would be allowed in, including the Miserstein family, except for the Kohen who would need to inspect the house.

If after 3 weeks, the spots didn’t go away, or at least get smaller (obviously since Manny did not repent), his amazing luxurious mansion (with 18 rooms, a wine cellar, an Olympic size swimming pool, 6 and a half bathrooms with, of course, a chandelier in each one, etc. etc. etc. blah, blah, blah, a lot of stuff – get the idea?) would have to be shattered, demolished and destroyed. And so, this selfish Manny would lose the very home he had refused to share with others. He would learn an important lesson – the hard way.

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Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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