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Honor your In-Law (not your outlaw)

Honor your In-Law (not your outlaw)

Yisro sent a messenger to inform Moshe that his family would soon be arriving. Moshe, who was camped at Mount Sinai, personally came out to greet his father-in-law.

Aharon called his two sons, Nadav and Avihu, and said, “Let’s go meet Yisro, Uncle Moshe’s father-in-law. Quickly!”

Of course, when the rest of the people saw their leaders heading toward the edge of the camp, they tagged along too. And so, the entire Jewish nation welcomed Yisro and his family.

Yisro was anxious to hear from Moshe all the details of the Exodus, the splitting of the sea and the victory over Amalek. Indeed, there was no better person than Moshe to describe the amazing miracles Hashem performed.

Yisro was now more impressed than ever. “Baruch HaShem! Blessed is HaShem!” he cried out. “HaShem has rescued 600,000 Jewish slaves from the clutches of the evil Paraoh! Not long ago, it was impossible for even one single slave to escape. Now, without a shadow of a doubt, I truly believe that HaShem is the true G-d, greater than any other power in the entire universe.”

These words, coming from a former bishop, made a profound impact on everyone.

Yisro continued, “And believe me, I know what I’m talking about. I have studied every religion in the world in depth, searching for the truth. In fact, there isn’t one idol in the world that I have not studied. But now, I know they are totally worthless. HaShem is the one and only G-d. I have reached my decision. I am going to convert to Judaism.”

The news spread like wildfire throughout the camp!

“Did you hear the news?” they told each other excitedly. “The former bishop of Midyan is becoming a full-fledged Jew! He’s converting!”

“Wow, wait until they hear about this in Midyan!”

“Not only Midyan, but the entire world! You can’t imagine how famous Yisro is!”

Yisro’s conversion took place with great happiness and excitement. As a form of gratitude, Yisro offered sacrifices to HaShem. Meanwhile, Moshe arranged a festive meal in his honor. The finest and most righteous and esteemed men attended this joyous feast.

During the meal, everyone was in for a surprise, “Look! I can’t believe it, Moshe himself is the waiter, serving his father-in-law!”

“Now, that is what I call honor and respect.”

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