Millions of Locusts!

Millions of Locusts!

The eighth plague began. Moshe stretched out his arm over the land of Egypt. Throughout the entire day and entire night, HaShem caused a tremendous wind to blow in from the east.

The wind blew in millions and millions of locusts! There were so many of them that the Egyptians couldn’t see the sky when they looked up, or the ground when they looked down.

“It’s the plague of darkness, Mustapha!”

“No, Abdullah. I think that’s the next plague.”

The locusts were everywhere within the Egyptian borders and ate up every inch of produce that survived the plague of hail.

Paraoh realized that soon the Egyptians would starve! He urgently called for Moshe and Aharon. “Forgive me! I have sinned!” he cried. “Please, go beg HaShem to stop this plague!”

Once again, Moshe left the palace and turned to HaShem to pray. HaShem sent a super strong wind from the west that blew every single locust out of Egypt. Even the pickled locusts (atrocious!) that were stored in barrels and jars, waiting for the Egyptians to eat, had completely vanished. Not one locust remained within the borders of Egypt.

But once again, HaShem hardened Paraoh’s heart and he announced, “I will NOT let your people out of Egypt!”

Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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