INSIGHT: Hakhel and Hakhel: The Words Are the Same

Mitzvah #612 – The Hakhel Experience!

Mitzvah #612 – The Hakhel Experience!

Remember back in Parsha VaEschanan, when we learned about the importance of the Torah Experience? If not, here’s a Shazak Flashback:

The Jewish Experience! What an EXPERIENCE!

Moshe said to his people, “Matan Torah! You personally witnessed the Matan Torah Experience at Har Sinai. The mountain burned with fire up to the heavens. You saw the thunder! You heard the lighting! Never let this experience depart from your heart, all the days of your life!”

Now, Moshe turned to his people with perhaps one of the most important messages, ever: “It is your job to transmit this Matan Torah Experience. Make it known to your children and your grandchildren. Let them convey this experience to their children and to their grandchildren… Remember… never break this Matan Torah Experience Chain!”

Now before he passed on from the world, Moshe was trying to recreate that Matan Torah Experience, making it more than a story told from generation to generation. He wanted it to become a reality!

But how would Moshe Rabbeinu accomplish this? After all, there was only one Matan Torah, never to be repeated.

The answer is… HAKHEL!

This Hakhel had to be special, no… very special… no, extremely special – an AWESOME EXPERIENCE, so amazing that it would keep the people inspired and energized for years to come. Indeed, Hakhel is that ingredient that will refresh, revive, rejuvenate (get it? reJEWvenate) the Matan Torah Experience, keeping it alive and exciting for generations to come!

Are you ready to learn about that special experience? Read on and discover the magic and majesty of… Hakhel!


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Hakhel and Hakhel: The Words Are the Same

Let’s go back to Parshas VaEschanan, where Moshe describes Matan Torah:

“And HaShem had told me, “Gather (Hakhel) for me the nation and I will make them hear my words, so that they learn to fear Me all the days that they will live in the land, and they will teach their children.”

Now see how Moshe introduces Hakhel in our Parsha:

Gather (Hakhel) the nation, the men, the women, and the children, and the strangers in your gates, so that they will hear and that they will learn to fear Hashem, and they will be careful to keep all the Torah.”

Have you noticed the many similar words and phrases? That’s not an accident. Clearly, Moshe is showing us that Matan Torah and Hakhel are very strongly connected.

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Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

Oops. I see that you are enjoying Shazak and learning a lot of Torah. I shudder to think what Paraoh will say about this! Oy Vei!
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