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INSIGHT: National vs. Personal

Mitzvos, Mitzvos and More Magnificent Mitzvos!

Mitzvos, Mitzvos and More Magnificent Mitzvos!

Welcome to Parshas Ki Seitzei, the 49th Parsha of the Torah!

Mitzvos, Mitzvos, and more Mitzvos. All kinds of Mitzvos. That certainly sums up Parshas Ki Seitzei. In fact, this week’s Parsha has more Mitzvos than any other Parsha in the whole Torah! A grand total of 74 Mitzvos – 27 to-do-Mitzvos (Mitzvos Aseh) and 47 not-to-do-Mitzvos (Mitzvos Lo Sa’aseh).

Now, take out your trusty calculator and calculate: 613 ÷ 74 (613 Mitzvos of the Torah divided by 74 Mitzvos of Parshas Ki Seitzei), which equals a bit over 12% of all the Mitzvos of the Torah! Wow!

So, if you think that Mishneh Torah, a.k.a. the Book of Devarim is merely a review of the previous 4 books – Bereishis, Shmos, VaYikra and Bamidbar – then think again! There are plenty of new Mitzvos in the Book of Devarim and there is no better Parsha than Ki Seitzei to prove it.

Get ready to learn about every single one of these 74 Mitzvos! Just joking! We’ll give you a taste of a few of them, and hope that you’ll enjoy learning about them so much that you’ll open a Chumash yourself and learn all about the other Mitzvos not mentioned in this week’s Shazak Parsha.

Shazak insight

National vs. Personal

Unlike all the other Parshiyos of the Book of Devarim until now, where Moshe teaches general principles of faith such as Teshuvah (repentance), Shema Yisrael, the Ten Commandments, and other “National Mitzvos,” here in Parshas Ki Seitzei Moshe focuses on “Personal Mitzvos,” a.k.a. “Mitzvos Bein Adam LaChavairo” (Mitzvos between man and his fellow). (That sure was a long sentence – 53 words to be exact!)

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Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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