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INSIGHT: Filibustering! Fill a What?

Moshe Rabbeinu, The Ultimate Teacher

Moshe Rabbeinu, The Ultimate Teacher

Moshe was 120 years old, but as energetic and strong as a young man. In fact, his skin was not wrinkled and the light of the Shechinah (Divine Presence) made his face shine with a special glow. However, he knew that he would soon pass from this world and not enter the Holy Land. It was time for him to say farewell to his beloved people, and even more important, to teach them valuable lessons, so they would not make the same mistakes their parents made.

So, Moshe Rabbeinu, the teacher par excellence (that’s a fancy French phrase, meaning, super-excellent!), spoke to his people, and spoke, and spoke, and spoke – on and off for 37 days.

Moshe wrote down these speeches and the result was 11 Parshiyos of the Book of Devarim – Devarim, Va’Eschanan, Eikev, Re’eh, Shoftim, Ki Seitzei, Ki Savo, Netzavim, Vayeilech, Ha’azinu, V’Zos HaBerachah – with the grand finale, the final speech, taking place on the 7th day of Adar – the day of his passing.

Shazak insight

Filibustering! Fill a What?

Do you know that Senators speak for a long, long, long, long, long time in the United States Senate, to keep a law they don’t like from being passed? It’s true. This delaying tactic is called a filibuster, and it’s sometimes referred to as “talking a bill to death.” Indeed, one Senator, in 1957, filibustered for more than 24 hours straight!

And the rules of a filibuster get even stranger! The Senator who is filibustering doesn’t have to speak about the issue at hand. They can talk about whatever they want – including recipes, books and the price of rice in China!

Moshe Rabbeinu on the other hand, spoke a lot, but his speeches were nothing about the price of rice in China, and without a doubt a lot more important!

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