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INSIGHT: Moshe, Servant of HaShem… Again and AgainMoshe, Servant of HaShem… Which Moshe?!

Moshe, Servant… Moshe the Prophet

Moshe the Servant… Moshe the Prophet

Mazal Tov! Congratulations! We have now completed the entire Book of Devarim. Its tone is different from the other four books, since it is written in Moshe’s personal voice, as if Moshe composed it Mipi Atzmo – on his own.

Perhaps, that’s why the last verses of the Torah use two titles to describe Moshe:

  • Moshe the Servant of HaShem
  • Moshe the Prophet

This tells us that Moshe, the faithful servant, only did what HaShem told him to do – even things that seemed to be his own idea, like writing the Book of Devarim, were inspired by HaShem. Also, the Torah wants us always to remember that Moshe was the greatest prophet ever, with a direct connection to HaShem.

So, Moshe’s “on his own” writing of the Book of Devarim was not entirely “on his own.” Get it? Got it? Good!

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Shazak insight

Moshe, Servant of HaShem… Again and Again

There was no other person as great as Moshe – yet in one of the last Pesukim of the Torah, he is called Eved HaShem, “the servant of HaShem.”

Then in the first Pasuk of the Navi, in the Book of Yehoshua, he is once again referred to as Eved HaShem.

And then, in the very last chapter of Navi (in Sefer Malachi), we are told “Zichru Toras Moshe Avdi” – “remember the Torah of My servant Moshe.”

Shazak insight

Moshe, The Servant of HaShem… Which Moshe?!

Speaking of Moshe Eved HaShem, there was another Moshe Eved HaShem who lived years later, and you guessed it… the Rambam.

In his days, people called him Moshe Ibn Ovadiah, “Moshe from the family of Ovadia,” because he was the 7th generation from a great rabbi named Ovadiah. Now what does Ovadiah mean? Servant of HaShem. So, in a sense, people were also calling the Rambam “Moshe the Servant of HaShem,” just like Moshe Rabbeinu!

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