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INSIGHT: Chicken Soup Cures a Cold! Really?!

“Out of Danger” Korban – “I’m Cured!”

“Out of Danger” Korban – “I’m Cured!”

There were four instances when someone was obligated to bring a Korban Todah. All these cases involved situations when a person was in some kind of danger, and survived.

To help us understand these four situations, here is the first of four Shazak Scenarios:

Mrs. Gittel Gezuntheit was ill and had taken a turn for the worse –

“Hachoo!”… “Gezuntheit!”

The doctors had given up all hope.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Gezuntheit, it does not look good.

“Hachoo!”… “Gezuntheit!”

But two days later (and after plenty of hot, delicious chicken soup), she was back on her feet and feeling great.

“I’m cured and Thank HaShem feeling fabulous –– I’m ready to cook up a fantastic Shabbos meal. I know! I’ll invite the entire Shazak crew and serve some yummy kugel, kishke, knishes, kneidlach, kreplach and anything else that starts with the letter “k!”

How about some k’steak?! Oh very funny!

The doctors called her case “a medical miracle!”

“It’s a medical miracle!”

Upon complete recovery it was time for Mrs. Gezuntheit to bring a Korban Todah.

Shazak insight

Chicken Soup Cures a Cold! Really?!

There may be no cure for the common cold, but a steaming bowl of chicken soup is the next best thing. Indeed, there are scientific studies that have shown this to be true.

So what is the secret behind this magic cure?

Is it one of the ingredients – the chicken, onions, the parsnips, turnips, carrots, celery, parsley, salt, and pepper? How about the fantastic fluffy matzah balls a.k.a. kneidelach? Or is it the combination of all these ingredients? Nobody knows for sure (not even Shazak), but even if the chicken soup doesn’t cure your cold (hachoo!), it sure tastes delicious – especially at the Shabbos meal!

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