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Out of the Fire

Out of the Fire          

Aharon took all of the gold that was collected and threw it into a fire to melt it. He took out his engraving tool, ready to spend plenty of time, in order to shape it into the form of a calf.

“Engraving this idol is of utmost importance,” he said aloud so the troublemakers could hear him. “Perfection takes time, and this idol must be perfect.”

However, an ungrateful man named Micha, whose life was saved by Moshe when he was a young boy in Egypt, was getting very impatient and he did his part to speed things along. Somehow Micha had the original golden plate with the words Aley Shor – “Rise Up, Ox!” – inscribed on it, along with HaShem’s holy name. When Bnei Yisrael were ready to go out of Egypt, Moshe threw this golden plate into the Nile River and miraculously, Yosef’s heavy coffin rose to the top. BTW: Yosef was compared to an ox.

Now, Micha threw this golden plate into the burning fire, and shouted, “Rise Up, Ox!”

“Did you see what I saw?! ” the people screamed. “Look, it is an Eigel – a perfectly formed baby ox!”

“And it’s made of gold!”

“It’s an Eigel HaZahav – a Golden Calf!”

Sadly to say, it was true. The evil Satan with his magical powers was hard at work. And to make things even more confusing, this Golden Calf actually “moooved”!

Many of the Jews were now convinced. This was not just the form of a Golden Calf, it had special supernatural powers.

“Yes! We did it!” they shouted with joy.

“We now have a god!”

“We no longer need Moshe to lead us through this treacherous desert. We have our Golden Calf!”

“Yes! New and improved!”

“Eigel HaZahav – Golden Calf!,” they chanted.

Golden Calf – Eigel HaZahav!”

Eigel HaZahav – Golden Calf!”

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Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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