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INSIGHT: L’Chaim – To Life!

Pekudei HaMishkan – Mishkan of Testimony

Pekudei HaMishkan – Mishkan of Testimony

“Eileh Pekudei HaMishkan, Mishkan HaEidus.” – “These are the countings of the Mishkan, the Mishkan of Testimony.”

The very first Pasuk in our Parsha, Parshas Pekudei, doesn’t just use the word Mishkan to describe the Mishkan. It says Mishkan HaEidus – the Mishkan of Testimony. “Testimony” means proving that something is true.

This Mishkan HaEidus would be witness to the entire world that HaShem has forgiven Bnei Yisrael for the sin of the Golden Calf. It was also HaShem’s way of telling His people that through the Mishkan, His Shechinah, Divine Presence, would rest upon them.

Hold it! Isn’t Mishkan mentioned so many times before this, starting from Parshas Terumah? And why did HaShem wait till our Parsha to call it Mishkan HaEidus?

That’s because before Parshas Pekudei, the Mishkan was not yet “in session.” It was still in the construction stages. It’s only now in Parshas Pekudei that HaShem’s Divine Presence came down to rest in it. Now, for the first time, the Mishkan became a Mishkan HaEidus – a Mishkan of Testimony.

Shazak insight

L’Chaim – To Life!

Remember back in Parshas Testaveh where Moshe’s name was missing from the Parsha? It wasn’t even mentioned once! Well, this week’s Parsha surely makes up for that: Moshe’s name is written in Parshas Pekudei 27 times!

And the verse, “Ka’asher Tsivah HaShem Es Moshe” – “just as HaShem commanded Moshe” is repeated 18 times!

This is by no means a coincidence:

The number 18 is very special; it’s the numerical value of the word CHAI ח”י, meaning LIFE. It’s here in Parshas Pekudei that Moshe breathed LIFE back to his people. They were on the brink of destruction after the sin of the Golden Calf, and Moshe saved them. Not only that, he also gave them a new spiritual LIFE, for he was the one responsible for building the Holy Mishkan.

Now what is special about 27 – the amount of times Moshe’s name is mentioned in this Parsha? Once again, let’s take a look at numerical value. 27 equals ZACH ז”ך, meaning PURE.

As we know, the Mishkan symbolized HaShem’s forgiveness of Bnei Yisrael. When someone is forgiven for a sin, his slate is wiped clean – he is now PURE – ZACH; completely Aveira-free!

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