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INSIGHT: An Animal Question

Plague #6: Boils

Plague #6: Boils

Paraoh was given no advance warning for the next plague.

HaShem told Moshe and Aharon to stand in front of the king so he himself can witness the miraculous events. As he was instructed from HaShem, Moshe took two handfuls of ashes from the furnace, and placed them both in his one hand. Then, Aharon handed over to Moshe his two handfuls of ashes. Moshe was now carrying four handfuls of ashes in one hand! Amazing!

Moshe threw the ashes forcefully toward the sky. Miraculously, the ashes spread over all of Egypt and landed on the Egyptians and all their animals, which turned into BOILS! The burning boils spread across their bodies and developed into infectious blisters, which felt like balls of fire.

“Ouch! These boils are boiling hot!” they cried out in pain.

“Help me! They’re burning! Don’t just stand there sucking on a prune pit… Do something you nincompoops!”

The royal wizards could not even stand up due to the horrific boils, let alone do anything to stop the terrible plague.

As with the previous plagues, Paraoh refused to let Bnei Yisrael go, and plague #7 was about to hit Egypt.

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An Animal Question

During “The Plague of Boils,” the ashes spread over all of Egypt and caused suffering to all their animals. Here’s the question: Where did those animals come from? Weren’t they already killed during “The Plague of Animal Disease”?

The truth is that the animal disease only affected those animals that were out in the field. The G-d fearing Egyptians took their animals into their stables and were spared.

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