The Kosher Symbol… It’s More Than Symbolic

The Kosher Symbol… It’s More Than Symbolic

So that’s how it was in the “good old days”:

Bring the chicken to the Shochet to Shecht; ask the Rabbi in case there was a Kosher question; and let’s not forget the Kashering process – soak, salt, drain, and rinse.

Nowadays, though, it’s one-stop shopping. We purchase our ready-to-go Kosher meat at the supermarket, and we rely on the Shochtim and Rabbis at the meat processing facility to take care of the entire Kosher process from beginning to end.

You mean there’s more?
There’s more!

It’s super important to check the packaging of meat (or anything else you buy) very carefully and make sure it has a reliable Kosher symbol on it, so we can be sure that everything has been taken care of – under strict Rabbinic supervision!

Rutie Moscowitz
MaTa wuvy Shazak evmoodachocky!

Rutie Moscowitz

Translation: Mommy, Tatty I love Shazak even more than chocolate.
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