Remember?… A Few More Episodes….

Remember?… A Few More Episodes….

From one extreme of the “Spies Episode,” when Bnei Yisrael were scared to enter the land, to the other extreme, when a group of Jews, called the Ma’afilim, took matters in their own hands and forced their way into Eretz Yisrael.

It’s time now for a Shazak Flashback… also in Parshas Shlach:

Some of the people – known as the Ma’afilim – had an idea:

“Let’s show HaShem that we’re really sorry about what we did. We’ll go into the land and fight for it – right now! Come on!”

“Great idea! Let’s show HaShem that we do trust in His promise, and that we do believe the land is good and we will conquer it!”

“No!” said Moshe. “Do not go to battle without HaShem’s permission!

Moshe Rabbeinu knew that their plan was too little, too late. But he could not convince them to change their minds.

The Ma’afilim got ready for battle.

They headed straight for the mountains at the border of the land of Israel.

But as soon as they started climbing the mountain, soldiers from the nations of Amalek and Canaan came charging down at them! Bnei Yisrael didn’t stand a chance against them – because HaShem was no longer at their side – and they lost the fight.

“Yes, my dear people,” Moshe pleaded, “it’s HaShem, not us, who decides when is the right time to enter the Land. Let us all follow HaShem’s instructions, and we will be safe and secure.”

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