Remember?… Complaining for Food

Remember?… Complaining for Food

The next stop on memory lane is once again in Parshas Beshalach:

Remember when you complained about food in the desert?” Moshe said. “Let’s revisit that episode and refresh our memories.”

 “We’re going to starve to death!”

“We should have stayed in Egypt! At least there we had bread and meat!”

The very next morning, when the people looked out of their tents, they saw something very unusual: the ground was covered with shiny, flat, round, white flakes.

“And remember how HaShem supplied you the gift of Mann that lasted all these 40 years in the hot desert… day by day?”

“Wonderful! HaShem has given us FOOD!” the people said with much joy.

“But… “Mann hu? What exactly is it? We’ve never seen anything like it before!”

“True, indeed. So what do you suggest we call this incredible food?”

“I suggest,” someone piped up, “Since it’s too hard to describe, let’s keep it simple. We’ll call it “Mann.”

“Yes, dear children,” concluded Moshe, “your parents may have angered HaShem with their complaints, nevertheless, He cared for them with love.”

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