Remember?… Conquering the Land of Sichon

Remember?… Conquering the Land of Sichon

“And remember another similar episode?”

Flashback time… again in Parshas Chukas:

Bnei Yisrael wanted to pass through the land, and so they sent messengers to Sichon, the king of the Emori.

“Please, Your Royal Highness,” the messengers pleaded politely. “Grant us permission to travel through your land. We come in peace, and only wish to travel Derech HaMelech – straight through on your main road.”

“We shall not drink from our own water. Instead, we shall purchase water from you, whatever the price.”

“NO!!!” shouted Sichon.

“Now, refresh your memories! It didn’t happen long ago,” Moshe called out. “Did we show any signs of weakness?! Absolutely not! We fought them and we won! We conquered their land!”

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