Remember?… Sinning Spies

Remember?… Sinning Spies

Then, Moshe reminded them of the tragic “Spies Episode”:

Remember how it was demanded of me to send so-called spies to the Promised Land?” Moshe said.

“We want scouts! We want scouts!” the people chanted.

And then one voice was heard amongst the crowd, “Moshe, we want SPIES and we want them now!”

“Spies?!” thought Moshe. “Who ever mentioned the word spies? I have a bad feeling about this whole business, but I can’t show them that I am afraid.”

Remember how I gave in to their demands. I sent “Kosher people” to scout out the land…”

Suddenly, the spies were face to face (well, more like face to foot) with the shock of their lives… GIANTS!

“Look up!”

“Gigantic giants!”

“Humongous humans!”

“Big Boycheklach!”

Remember how 10 of them brought back a bad Loshen HaRa report?”

“Indeed, it is an incredible land, a land flowing with milk and honey!”

“True!” another spy piped up. “EFES – BUT what kind of people can live in a place where such unbelievably huge fruit grows?”

And yet another spy cried out, “How can ordinary people survive there? It’s a land of giants! We saw them with our own eyes! We were like grasshoppers compared to them!”

“That terrible mistake cost us 40 years of travel time,” Moshe concluded. “But now, I am confident you all realize how good the land is and are ready to settle it.”


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