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Surrender, Drown, Fight or Pray?

Surrender, Drown, Fight or Pray? Or none of the above?

Bnei Yisrae l stood on the shore of the Yam Suf (the Sea of Reeds) and they were in for a shock. They were terrified!

“Look! The Egyptian army!” they screamed.

“Led by Paraoh himself!”

Indeed, in front of them was the raging sea, and closing in behind them was Paraoh’s mighty army!

Bnei Yisrael split into four arguing groups, each one of them trying to convince Moshe to follow their strategy.

The first group shouted, “Moshe, were there not enough graves in Egypt that you had to bring us to die in the desert? Let us surrender and GO BACK to Egypt!”

The second group yelled out, “Back to Egypt?! Forget it! We’d rather throw ourselves INTO THE SEA than face the evil Egyptians”.

Now the third group piped up, “We say FIGHT! HaShem is on our side and we will win!”

Finally the last group exclaimed, “At a time like this, the only thing to do is, PRAY TO HASHEM”.

In a display of remarkable leadership, Moshe responded to all four groups:

“Group #1 – Do not GO BACK to Egypt! Stand strong and witness HaShem’s great salvation.”

“Group #2 – ”You want to go into the SEA?! Have no fear for you will never see those Egyptians again.”

“Group #3 – There is no reason to FIGHT! HaShem will fight for you”.

“Group #4 – Now, is not the time for PRAYERS. Be silent and HaShem will take care of us.”

“My fellow Jews,” concluded Moshe. “Trust in HaShem and let us move forward!”

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Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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