Avram Takes a Stand

One day, Terach left his son Avram in charge of his idol store while he went out for a while.
Within a few moments, a very tall man entered the store.
“Show me the biggest idol you have in stock. It must be as big as or even bigger than me. Money is no object,” he said as he took out a huge amount of cash from his wallet.
“How old are you?” Avram questioned him.
“I am 53 years old.”
“And you want to spend a ton of money for a god that was just made yesterday?!”
“Hmmmm. You’re pretty smart for such a young boy,” he said and quickly left the idol store.
Next, a very old woman entered. She told Avram the terrible news. “Young man. I must buy some idols… a thief robbed me of all my idols last night and I can’t be in my house without idols for protection. Quick sell me some idols!”
“No problem,” answered Avram. “But if the idols couldn’t protect themselves and they were stolen, how do you expect them to protect you?!”
“You got a good point, sonny-boy…”, and she walked out empty-handed.
While he was sitting alone in the store, surrounded by lifeless statues, a lady came in with some delicious food for the idols. An idea popped into Avram’s head.
He grabbed an ax and smashed all of his father’s idols – ALL, except the largest one. When he was finished, he placed the ax in the arm of the one remaining idol and placed the food in front of it.