The Scream that Shattered the Heavens!

This wonderful, brave, generous girl was punished for her for this so-called “terrible crime.” They dragged her to a bee hive and poured honey all over her body. Thousands of bees swarmed down, stinging her… buzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Not a single citizen from young to old came to her aid.
“She’s a wicked criminal! Rotten to the core!”
“Let’s prove to the world that Sodom is tough on crime.”
“OUCH, the bees are stinging me all over! HEEEEEELP!!!” screamed the kind girl, as her soul left her body.
The sound of her scream pierced the Heavens and, that was the “straw that broke the camel’s back” (or shall we say “the bee that broke the city of Sodom”).
At that point, HaShem decided to once and for all, wipe out the mean, evil, nasty, wicked, malicious, awful, dreadful, appalling, outrageous, horrendous, atrocious, city of Sodom!