The Great Hesped – Avraham Mourns

Sarah was 127 years old when she passed away. Avraham was so very sad.
Many people came to comfort him and Avraham delivered a well-deserved eulogy, called a Hesped.
“Who could ever replace my wonderful wife? Sarah was so very special. She was so very generous. She hosted the thousands of guests who passed through our tent. Because of her, there are so many more people in this world who believe in one G-d! No wonder HaShem performed miracles for my wife!” cried Avraham.
Indeed, 3 great miracles occurred during Sarah’s lifetime.
Sarah would light the Shabbos candles every Friday before Shabbos and they would remain lit the entire week until the following Friday!
The Challah, Sarah baked stayed fresh all week and there was always plenty to go around.
HaShem placed a special cloud that would always rest above her tent. It was the Holy Shechinah, the Divine Presence.
After Sarah’s passing, they all disappeared.