At Rivkah’s Home

Now, Eliezer asked Rivkah, “Who is your father? And do you have a place for me to stay tonight?”
Rivkah replied, “My father is Besuel. Of course, we have room at our house for you to stay overnight. And don’t worry about your 10 camels. We have plenty of food and water for them.”
Yes! Just what Eliezer was hoping to hear! Besuel was Avraham’s nephew, the father of Rivkah!
“Baruch HaShem! Blessed be You, HaShem, for helping me find the right girl from the right family…AND SO FAST!” exclaimed Eliezer. Little did Eliezer know that there would be some major challenges at the house of Besuel. DANGER AHEAD!
Rivkah ran home to tell her family about the stranger, “You’ll never believe what happened to me! I met this man at the well, who was sent by our relative Avraham. Look at all the stunning jewelry he gave me. Now he needs a place to sleep.”
Rivkah had a wicked brother by the name of Lavan. Lavan saw the “fancy shmancy” jewelry Rivkah was wearing, and thought to himself, “Wow! This traveler must have plenty more expensive jewelry with him. After all, if he was willing to give Rivkah such beautiful jewelry just for some water, how much more will he give if we offer him food and lodging? Ha! Ha! Ha!”
“Come in, please,” said Lavan to Eliezer. “Any acquaintance of Avraham is family to us. We are just about to serve a delicious meal in your honor. You must be so very hungry.”
But Eliezer did not eat. He had a mission to accomplish, so he began by telling Besuel and his family the whole long story, with all the details, from the beginning to the end.
“I am the servant of Avraham, given a mission, not to take a wife from Cana’an. I arrived here with lightning speed… asked HaShem for a sign… met Rivkah at the well… gave me water and gave water to all my thirsty camels! She’s from Avraham’s family… I gave her jewelry. Yes! It is all the hand of HaShem. An angel was with me every step of the way!”
After his long speech, Eliezer announced, “NO QUESTION ABOUT IT! Rivkah is the one to marry my master’s son, Yitzchak. Agreed?”
Lavan and Besuel answered, “Yes, it is quite obvious that this is all the work of HaShem. Who are we to interfere? Here is Rivkah, take her for a wife for your master’s son.”
Eliezer was grateful that he fulfilled his mission and he bowed to HaShem with thanks. He took out more expensive gifts and gave them to Rivkah and her family.