Eisav’s Special Mitzvah

Yet, in one special Mitzvah (good deed), Eisav was indeed outstanding. He honored and showed great respect for his father, Yitzchak.
When Eisav returned from hunting, he would prepare the meat and serve his father a grand feast. Before entering the room, he would change from his dirty hunting clothes and put on festive, clean clothes, as if he were serving a king. Yitzchak appreciated Eisav’s care, and loved him dearly.
The truth is that Eisav had successfully tricked his father into believing that he was keeping the Torah laws. In fact, Eisav was the master of trickery and worked very hard to fool his father.
However, these schemes did not work with their mother Rivkah. She was able to see through Eisav’s deceptions. No wonder she loved Yaakov more.