Rivkah’s Plan

Rivkah was determined to get Yaakov those important blessings, so she ran to tell him. “My dear son, Yaakov,” she exclaimed. “Your brother Eisav is about to get the special blessing from Father. Eisav doesn’t deserve the blessing, you do. After all, you are the B’chor.”
“But Mother, what can we do?” asked Yaakov.
“I have a plan,” she responded. “I’ve prepared some nice young goat meat for your father, just the way he likes it. Father can’t see very well, so he will think you are Eisav, and will therefore give you the blessing, which is rightfully yours!”
“But Mother, perhaps Father will touch me and realize that I’m not hairy like Eisav. That will just bring a curse upon me, not a blessing!”
“Do not worry, my son. The curse will be upon me.” Rivkah replied. “Now this is the plan. Let me dress with some of Eisav’s special clothes. Also, I’ll put some hairy goat skins on your hands and neck. Father will touch you and think you are Eisav.”
Rivkah gave Yaakov the delicious food she prepared and sent him off to his father.