Outstanding in His Field

True to his promise, Yaakov cared for Lavan’s flocks for 7 years. Year after year, he faithfully tended to the sheep, in the scorching hot summer days and in the freezing winter nights. Lavan’s sheep grew and multiplied under Yaakov’s steady hand.
And Lavan? He just took it easy and enjoyed counting all the money he made… thanks to Yaakov!
But sly Lavan had another trick up his sleeve (no wonder he always wore long sleeve shirts). He understood that as long as Yaakov would be working for him, HaShem would shower him with a lot of blessings and success. But once Yaakov would marry Rachel at the end of the seven years, he would be gone! Oh no! How would Lavan keep Yaakov working for him for another seven years?
At the end of the seven years, soon before Yaakov and Rachel’s wedding came closer, Lavan was ready to play his nasty trick.