Quizzer Challenge

Balak | Challenge | 14 Questions Balak was NOT…. Bilam was NOT a… What does the name, “Bilam” mean? Bilam had no control of anything. He was merely a “puppet” of _______. Why did the nation of Moav make peace with their enemy, the nation of Midyan? What gift did King Balak send Bilam? Why […]

NTP Quizzer – Shlach

NTP = Not This Parsha. Shlach | Challenge | 18 Questions What did Bnei Yisrael say to Moshe before entering Eretz Yisrael? Who said to whom? “Shlach Lecha Anashim” – “Send for Yourself Men.” How many spies were sent to Eretz Yisrael? What did Moshe instruct the spies? Why did Moshe add the letter Yud […]