INSIGHT: Making Shabbos Holy

The 7th Day: Time to Rest

The 7th Day: Time to Rest

After HaShem created everything in the world in the first 6 days, then on the 7th day, it was Shabbos, the Sabbath. He stopped, rested and celebrated! Heaven and earth and everything in them were now complete!

Just like HaShem, we also work during the week, followed by one day of rest. On weekdays we talk on phones, type on computers, build houses, play music, and drive cars. Friday evening we stop all kinds of weekday activities. At sundown, Jewish mothers, and even many young girls, light candles with a special blessing.

The next 25 hours are celebrated with our families and friends, by learning Torah, praying in shul (synagogue), and feasting on great food – fish, hot soup, tasty chicken and cholent, scrumptious kugel and mouthwatering dessert. And let’s not forget… before we begin our Shabbos meals, we recite Kiddush on a cup of wine – Boreh Pri HaGafen, and then a special blessing over 2 loaves of bread, called Challas – HaMotzi Lechem Min HaAretz.

Shazak insight

Making Shabbos Holy

וַיְקַדֵשׁ – HaShem made Shabbos HOLY.

Hmmm, that word is very similar to the first thing we do at the Friday night Shabbos meal: קִידוּשׁ – Kiddush! That’s because both words essentially have the same meaning – holiness!

HaShem rested on Shabbos and made it holy. We also have the power to make every Shabbos holy, starting with reciting Kiddush on a cup full of wine.

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Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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