The Big Question… Moshe or Yehoshua?

The Big Question…

Moshe or Yehoshua?

Moshe turned to his people, and said with confidence, “HaShem promised us, a small nation, that we will conquer the land of seven strong nations – and there is nothing to fear!”

“We will conquer the land under your leadership, Moshe Rabbeinu!” the people called out.

“No. No.” Moshe responded. “I have passed on the leadership to my dear student, Yehoshua, and commanded him, ‘You have seen with your own eyes all that HaShem has done for us to win over the two kings – Sichon and Og – so will HaShem do to all the kingdoms through which you will pass. Do not fear, for it is HaShem Who is fighting for you!

“But we want you, Moshe, to lead us!”

After all those energizing pep-talks, what will happen next? Was it all a waste? Who will be the one to lead Bnei Yisrael into Eretz Yisrael? Will Moshe beg HaShem to allow him to enter? Will the people demand from HaShem to allow their beloved leader to join them? Will we ever stop asking so many questions?

For answers to these questions and much more, learn about it in the beginning of next week’s Parsha, Parshas Va’Eschanan.

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